RAeS LHE Branch Inauguration

29 Jan, 2024

The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Pakistan Division (RAeS PD) marked a historic moment in its journey as it inaugurated its Lahore branch on October 17, 2023. This milestone event was made possible through the invaluable support of the Institute of Aviation Studies, a distinguished institution affiliated with the University of Management & Technology (UMT).

The inauguration of the Lahore branch was an affair filled with prestige and excitement, attended by esteemed members of the Pakistani aviation community, high-ranking dignitaries, prominent figures in the field, and also a good number of young professionals and students. The ceremony, held at the UMT auditorium, was graced by the presence of the President of RAeS PD, Captain J S M Sadiq FRAeS (PIA retired), who had the honor of unveiling the society's plaque.

The event's chief guest, Rector of UMT, Air Vice Marshal (Retired) Dr. Asif Raza, brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the proceedings. Dr. Raza's dedication to the advancement of aviation studies was apparent as he addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of fostering aeronautical knowledge in Pakistan.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Kashan Jafri MRAeS, the Honorary Secretary of RAeS PD, delivered a captivating presentation on the society and its presence in Pakistan. He talked about the history of the Society and gradual development of the Pakistan Division. He also talked about the large number of benefits and career development opportunities that the society offers.

Lahore becomes the third branch of the division, following in the footsteps of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra Branch, established in October 2016, and the Islamabad Branch, inaugurated in November 2016. This expansion to Lahore is a testament to the growing interest and need for aeronautical education and resources in Pakistan.

Following the presentation, a series of distinguished speakers took the stage to share their thoughts and aspirations for RAeS PD Lahore Branch. The event featured addresses by Dr. Faran Hameed, Chairman of the Lahore Branch, President RAeS PD, Rector of UMT, and Col (Retired) Sayed Mukhtar Asif FRAeS, Vice President of RAeS PD. Their speeches highlighted the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing to promote the field of aeronautics.

As a symbol of mutual respect and commitment to the cause of aviation, mementos were exchanged between the Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Division and the University of Management & Technology. This exchange represented the deepening of the partnership between these two entities in their shared pursuit of aeronautical excellence.

The day's festivities concluded on a high note with a celebratory banquet, allowing attendees to mingle, network, and share their passion for aviation. The RAeS PD Lahore Branch inauguration ceremony was an auspicious moment for the division, as it embarked on a new chapter of promoting aeronautical knowledge and fostering excellence in Pakistan.