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Role of Honeywell Aerospace in Air Transport, Defense and Space

The lecture covered the mission and vision of Honeywell Aerospace; the industry segments it serves; its role as a leading provider of avionics systems for aerospace and defense; its focus on enhancement of flight safety, reliability and reduction of aircraft maintenance cost; its contribution to development of flight safety technology; development of 3D radar and smart Runway/Landing system, etc.

Syed Hasan Zaidi is the Field Service Engineer of Honeywell Aerospace at Karachi. He is a specialist in avionics with professional experience of over 37 years as aircraft maintenance engineer and deputy chief engineer in Pakistan International Airlines Corporation. He holds the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) Diploma of Brunel Technical College, Bristol, England, the Radio and Radar License of CAA UK and full set of Avionics licenses of CAA Pakistan.

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