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A Short Historyof Military Aviation and it's Effects on Commercial Aviation

Capt. Jhonny Sadiq

AM Salim Arshad with his views on the Topic

AM Salim Arshad thanking Mr Amir Ali (Director PIA) for facilitating RAeS Events at PTC Auditorium
Capt. Jhonny Sadiq receiving a memento from AM Salim Arshad
RAeS Pakistan Council Members after the Meeting

Capt. Jan Sayed Mohammed Sadiq
, well-known as Captain Johnny Sadiq is a commercial pilot who has 37 years of flying experience under his belt.

He has the unique distinction of flying: Auster J 5, Auster Aiglet, DH 82 Tiger Moth, DH 83 Fox Moth, DC 3, F 27, Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation, HS Trident, Boeing 720, Boeing 707, DC 10 and Boeing 747--200/100. This blend of piston engine aircraft to commercial jets flying experience is very rare.

Captain Johnny Sadiq as commercial pilot during his carrier in PIA he flew the legendary propeller driven DC--3, the four engine propeller Super Constellation to the mighty Boeing 747, one of the biggest birds in the sky at that time when speaking about commercial passenger aircraft.

His entire 37 years flying carrier was spent with the PIA apart from two-year-long-deputations, the first with Royal Jordanian Airlines in 1970 and the second with Qatar Airways in 1998 in his last year of flying.

He has been a VIP pilot besides holding key management positions of Chief Pilot of various divisions of Flight operations department. Captain Sadiq is a sea lover, owns a boat and goes on cruise every week end. He has also trained divers, commandos, air guards and anti-hijack teams. He is an advanced open water SCUBA diver and assisted the Pakistan Commandos in under water demolition. He is also involved in other social work.

He is the author of three books, Come Fly with me Propellers, Come Fly with me Jets and an adventure novel: Island Flight.

Captain Johnny Sadiq is a wonderful pilot and a human being who is guided by professionalism and not by expediency.

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