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Challenges for Coping with Stress in the Aviation Environment

Wing Commander Dr. Khaled Rafi Qureshi graduated from medical college in 1987 and joined the medical branch of Pakistan military in 1988. Early in his career he served as a medical officer at the Siachen glacier. Here he developed a fascination for aviation and flying. On conclusion of his tour of duty at Siachen, the army recognized his interest in aviation and sponsored him for training in aviation medicine. He thus obtained his diploma in aviation medicine in 1994 from the famous Aero Medical Institute at PAF Base Masroor, which he now has the honour to serve as its Commanding Officer. Dr. Qureshi also holds the Advanced Diploma in Aviation Medicine from the Air University Islamabad. He has over twenty years experience in aerospace medicine as a flight surgeon in Pakistan Army Aviation, PAF and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Mr. Badshah Gul reciting verses from The Holy Quran

Wing Commander Dr. Khaled Rafi Qureshi

Captain Jhonny Sadiq sharing his views on the topic

AM Azim Daud Pota
AM Salim Arshad handing over a memento to the speaker

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