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Understanding the Future Air Navigation System (FANS)

Future Air Navigation System (FANS) is a very important development for flight safety and efficient management of air traffic in view of the exponential growth of commercial air transport operations around the world.

Mr. Asad Afridi, an expert in the field of aeronautical communication and a former general Manager of Pakistan International Airlines delivered a lecture organized by Pakistan Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society on FANS 1A, on August 27, 2015 at PIA Training Centre Auditorium.

Mr. Afridi explained at length the necessity for Future Navigation System (FANS), the concept which was introduced in 1983 by a special committee of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the technologies involved in the system. He also emphasized that the implementation of FANS is mandatory by January 2020.

He further explained that FANS envisaged direct data link communication between pilot and air traffic controller for Air Traffic Control (ATC) clearances, pilot requests and aircraft position reporting, instead of HF/VHF voice communication. He argued that consequently, the aviation industry will be able to cope with air traffic growth in a safer Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) environment. In Pakistan too the Civil Aviation Authority is in the process of establishing Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADSB) facilities as a part of this global project.

Mr. Asad Afridi’s presentation can be seen for detailed information by clicking on the link below:

Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) slides.pdf

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