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An Experiential Approach to Aircraft Accident Investigation

The lecture covered the importance of systematic investigation of aircraft accidents, importance of guarding the scene of the accident to prevent possible loss of any significant evidence; analysis of the wreckage at the scene of the accident to determine the type of impact; collection and analysis of statements of reliable eye witnesses; examining the wreckage to look for failed parts if any; analyzing the damage on rotational and moveable components and parts; looking for evidence of fire; investigation of human factors; the need for refraining from premature conclusions; case studies of some significant accidents, both civil and military; etc.

Air Commodore Rashid A. Bhatti is a distinguished pilot, who has done pioneering work in the field of aircraft accident investigation in Pakistan. He received his basic and advanced flying training from US Air Force, and graduated with three Top Gun awards on F-86 in 1961. He has held various command and staff appointments during his service in PAF. In 1984 he set up the Institute of Air Safety at Masroor Air Force Base and served as its first Commanding Officer. He established the Institute on firm footing and carried out with distinction the task of training flight safety officers on all aspects of safety management system and aircraft accident investigation. After retiring from PAF he also served CAA Pakistan as Operations Investigator and conducted many aircraft accident investigations and safety audits of airlines and flying clubs.

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