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Aviation Safety Management System

Safety Management System is an ICAO, EASA, FAA, IATA, Transport Canada and all other National regulatory Authorities mandatory requirement under ICAO ANNEX 19. It is applicable on all Airlines, MRO’s, OEM, ATC, operational training centers and aerodromes. It is made mandatory by ICAO from 14 November 2013 under ANNEX 19. SMS is a paradigm shift in Aviation Management System. It is a revolutionary change from compliance base to performance base safety issues.

Lecture: Aviation Safety Management System

Mr. Saeed Akhtar

Mr. Riasat Ali Changazi

AM Salim Arshad presenting the memento to Mr. Changazi


Mr. Riasat Ali Changazi is an Aeronautical Engineer with 30 years experience in various technological and technical management disciplines like Design, Development, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Regulatory Functions.
Mr. Changazi is a globally known figure, presently he is an expert in SMS in Asia Pacific region. He is working with many standard formulating bodies and state safety program and SMS forums.
He has been member of technology task forum on computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing and computer aided engineering to advise Dr. Ata ur Rahman from 2002 to 2005. He has also worked as adviser to Federal Minister of Science and technology on Standards.
He is Pakistan State Safety Programme Coordinator and represents Pakistan on many international forums. He has been executive member of the taskforce responsible for formulating Pakistan’s Industrial Policy. He has been invited to join SMICG.

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