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Safety with High Profits for most airlines-Why not Pakistan?

Link to see Presentation Slides: Safety and Reliability with high profits for most airlines - Why not Pakistan? (PDF Format)

The speaker discussed the impact of last month’s ATR accident on the profitability of airline as well as other factors effecting profitability which are wide spread.

The global airline industry is showing continuous profits for the last 3 years. In 2016 the expected net profit was $30 billion – that is a net margin of 4.1%! We know that Pakistan based airlines are showing a net loss. A sizeable population base, good passenger traffic, poor surface transport and low wages should all result in bigger profits for airlines of Pakistan. But, that is not the case. Profitability of airlines is by superior asset utilization – airplane seats (load factor), airplane utilization, manpower, hangars, facilities and IT infrastructure.

All these was explored and this talk stimulated thinking and action in Pakistan to better utilize assets and again become profitable and a major player in the aviation industry.

About the Speaker:
Mr. Khwaja M. (KM) Ali holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Karachi University, MBA in Aviation Management from Dowling Collage, USA. He is a distinguished aerospace professional of world fame recognized for his multiple skills in: Airplane Maintenance, Maintenance Economics, Project Management, Avionics, Airworthiness, Flight Safety, Commercial Aviation, etc.

He works for the efficient and economic operation of the airlines and their maintenance organizations with a view to bring people of the world together.

He started his carrier as a PIA Scholar in 1967 and worked with Pakistan International Airlines for over 25 years with postings in Karachi, Islamabad and New York as an Aircraft Engineer, Maintenance Manager and Manager Engineering in Line Maintenance and Development Engineering. Before joining Boeing he was with Emirates where he worked as Planning Engineer, responsible for Boeing 777 induction into fleet. He developed customized and efficient maintenance program for B777 and Airbus A330. He represents Boeing, IATA and other major industry bodies and conferences

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