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The Law of Compensation in Air Transportation

Mr. Anwar highlighted the following areas during his lecture:

1. Brief history of the law of compensation
2. Importance of the subject for passengers as well as carriers (airlines)
3. The basic theme of the latest law.
4. Explanation of what is a “Ticket” and definition ofbasic elements of compensation: who is “passenger”, what is an “accident”, what amounts to “embarking and disembarking”, what is “bodily injury” and what is “injury sustained “
5. Comparison of the limit of compensation for death/ injury to passengers under the latest law and the previous laws both for domestic and international travel.
6. Amounts to “baggage” and How much is the compensation for damage to baggage in Domestic and International transportation
7. The limitations for claiming compensation for death/injury and damage to baggage

Speaker: Mr. S. M. Anwar

Mr Badshah Gul adding some interesting Information

Mr Hafeez expressing his views on the Topic


Mr. S.M. Anwar, is a law graduate from Punjab University; he also holds a Master level degree from the TJAG School Virginia, USA. He is an Advocate of High Court. After serving PAF for over two decades he joined CAA as Director Legal Services for 10 years and during the same period he was elected as Vice- Chairman and then as Chairman of the prestigious Legal Committee of ICAO Montreal. He is the only Asian to hold this position. He is also fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Currently he is the Legal Advisor of Shaheen Air International


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