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Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, elected RAeS Fellow

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Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, NI(M), Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, has been elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Founded in 1866, the Royal Aeronautical Society is the oldest aviation institution in the world, which is highly respected and is at the forefront of aerospace developments in the world.
The award of Fellowship to ACM Sohail Aman is the recognition by this prestigious Society for his outstanding contribution to the aerospace industry.

This is an honour not only for him personally, but also for the aviation community of the country, and more particularly for Pakistan Air Force.

A ceremony was held on November 16, 2015, at PAF Air War College, at which Air Marshal Salim Arshad, the President of the Society in Pakistan, handed over the Diploma of Fellowship to ACM Sohail Aman.

In his welcome address, AM Salim Arshad congratulated ACM Sohail Aman, on his election as Fellow of the Society and expressed the hope that his personal involvement in the work of the Society will promote the highest possible standards in all aerospace disciplines in Pakistan.

On this occasion the Vice-President of the Society, Mr. Hafeez ud Deen, also presented an overview of the mission and role of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

The ceremony was largely attended by senior officers of all the three Armed Forces, Civil Aviation Authority, Senior Executives of Airlines, Members of the Royal Aeronautical Society in Pakistan, and other prominent citizens.

On this occasion the Royal Aeronautical Society also displayed a slide-show of some famous civil and military aircraft built and used during the last 100 years.

AM Salim Arshad receiving ACM Sohail Aman

President's welcome address

Mr Hafeez ud Deen's introduction of RAeS
RAeS Young Persons Group

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