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50th Divisional Council Meeting

Pakistan Division of Royal Aeronautical Society had it's 50th Divisional Council Meeting on 12th of December 2013 at PIA Training Centre. The President and the council members felt contented to attend this "Silver Jubilee" of Council Meetings. AM Salim Arshad paid tribute to the patrons of the society, as with their efforts the society had reached this milestone!

The Royal Aeronautical Society will be celebrating it's 150th Anniversary in 2016. Capt. Sadiq presented the society with a poem he had written for this auspicious occasion :

Other matters discussed in the meeting included:

  • Consultancy service to PPL - After a long discussion and evaluation of suggestions and comments of all the council members, the president concluded that it is not suitable for the division to provide any consultancy or supervisory services to Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)

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