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The Civil Aviation Riddle

The lecture dealtl with the yawning gap that exists between the demands of aviation in Pakistan versus the incapacity that continues to grow in our overall abilities.

Mr Badshah Gul reciting verses from The Holy Quran

Honorary Secretary, Mr Saeed Akhtar

Vice President, Mr Hafeez ud Deen inviting AM Salim Arshad

AM Salim Arshad, President RAeS Pakistan

AM Azim Daud Pota


Air Marshal Salim Arshad has extensive experience in aviation, both civil and military. He retired from Pakistan Air Force as the Vice Chief of the Air Staff and has served as Director General Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan and a member of the board of directors of PIA, Shaheen Air International, and a UK international airline. He has also served on various committees of PIA’s board of directors dealing with strategic planning and acquisition of new aircraft as well as consultant of a British international airline. He is the current president of the Royal Aeronautical Society in Pakistan and Chancellor of PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology.


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