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RAeS Pakistan Division

The Royal Aeronautical Society was founded in 1866, in UK, as a Learned Society. The society membership embraces all those professionally engaged in Aviation related fields, at all levels, including disciplines such as engineering, systems, flying, aviation medicine, law, marketing, air traffic contorl, etc.

The Royal Aeronautical Society came into being in Pakistan with the establishment of a Branch at Karachi in 1984, by Capt. E. M. Brown, the then president of RAeS.
The Branch was upgraded to a Division in 1992, as Pakistan was considered to have the potential of forming a number of Branches.


We have a sizable aviation community in Pakistan comprising active employees, and trainees of PAF, Army Aviation, Naval Aviation, Airlines, SUPARCO, CAA, etc.

To serve this community, we need to have at least five branches in the country to involve most of the members of this community who are seeking professional development and excellence. Currently there are 2 functional branches:


Risalpur Branch
Branch Secretary: Gp Cpt Kamran Ahmed

Islamabad Branch
Branch Secretary: Sqn Ldr Talha Hussain

Corporate Partners:

The continued support of Corporate Partners has helped the Pakistan Division to achieve this inconceivable growth in just a couple of years. The Division currently has the following Corporate Partners, who support us in all our actvities and events

Pakistan Air Force   Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
- Kamra


Office Holders 2017:

President Air Marshal Salim Arshad
Vice President  Air Cdre Arshad Siraj
Secretary Mr. Kashan Jafri
Treasurer Mr. Khurram Warsi
Contact Person Kashan Jafri

Objectives of the Society

  • Promote the highest professional standards in all aerospace disciplines
  • Provide specialist information & act as a central forum for the exchange of ideas
  • Play a leading role in influencing opinion on aerospace matters

Divisional Council 2017

The Pakistan Division is governed by a Council which meets six times a year. The Pakistan Division's council comprises of 4 Office Holders (President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary), 2 ex-Officio Members (Chairmen of the 2 branches) and 8 Ordinary Members. The Division provides a regular programme of lectures, visits, and seminars in collaboration with the Institution of Engineers Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines Corporation and Pakistan Air Force

AM Salim Arshad FRAeS
  Vice President
Air Cdre Arshad Siraj FRAeS
Chairman Islamabad Branch
ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan FRAeS
  Chairman Kamra Branch
AM Arshad Malik FRAeS
Honorary Treasurer
Muhammad Khurram Warsi ARAeS
  Honorary Secretary
Kashan Jafri AMRAeS
Badshah Gul Member
Badshah Gul FRAeS
Khalid Awan FRAeS
Saeed Akhtar FRAeS
Captain J.S.M. (Johnny) Sadiq
Col Syed Mukhtar Asif FRAeS
AVM Tubrez Asif FRAeS
Rasheed Hassan FRAeS
Captain Mohsin Ausaf Khan MRAeS
Brig Imran Rahman MRAeS


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